WDC PACE | New Committee Launched PACE


Setting the PACE for Activism

By PACE Co-Chairs Barbara Noveau and Nancy Walker 


New Committee

This summer, WDC launched a new committee, Political Activism and Civic  Engagement (PACE), bringing together and increasing the Club's long-standing party- building activities. PACE's mission is to strengthen the Democratic Party and help elect  Democrats within Montgomery County and Maryland, and, on occasion, in other states.

PACE will enhance WDC's core mission of electing Democrats by: 

Working to increase Democratic voter registration and turnout in Maryland:

Serve as a resource to the MCDCC Precinct Project with committed and experienced volunteers, and encourage WDC members to become Precinct Chairs and canvassers;

Serve as a resource to the Maryland Democratic Party's statewide voter contact efforts to better understand the concerns of Maryland voters, and organize opportunities for WDC members to become active canvassers in MoCo and beyond; and

Continue WDC's long-standing voter registration efforts, potentially expanding numbers and types of voter registration activities, and broadening the list of locations.

Working to increase support for Democratic candidates in general elections, locally and regionally:

Host WDC phone banks and canvass efforts in support of Democrats running for office at the State and County level;

Partner with other MoCo Democratic and activist groups to engage in phone banking and canvassing for Democrats in MoCo, Maryland, and (as appropriate) Virginia; and

Support events that provide voters with opportunities to learn where the candidates stand on important issues.

Organizing WDC involvement in national initiatives such as the Women's March or the March for Truth.

If this work appeals to you, join the PACE team now, while plans are being developed  and organizing is getting underway. We hope to have an initial meeting in August; if  interested, contact PACE Co-Chair Barbara Noveau at bnoveau@gmail.com .