Legislative Priorities

Each September, the Advocacy Committee develops a list of legislative priorities for WDC Board approval. WDC's criteria are:

  • The issue is directly relevant to women and their families

  • WDC has the organizational energy and capacity to advocate for the issue;

  • There are other Advocacy Groups with which WDC can collaborate;

  • County or State legislation has been proposed that addresses the issue; and

  • At the State level, the legislation is sponsored or co-sponsored by a Montgomery County elected representative

Legislative Priorities by Year

2019 WDC Testimony

2018 WDC Testimony

WDC's Legislative Accomplishments

Read all about WDC's legislative accomplishments by year.

Advocacy Actions

Advocacy Committee members consult with other Advocacy Organizations and contact County and State legislators to identify specific legislation that addresses WDC’s legislative priorities. Committee members prepare written testimony for the signature of the WDC Board President that is delivered to key Legislative Committees and legislators. Members may also deliver oral testimony at State Legislative Committee or County Council hearings. The Committee sends Advocacy Alerts to the Advocacy Alert Team.

Each November, the Montgomery County State Delegation holds a joint, Senate and House public hearing for the upcoming legislative session where WDC testifies about its legislative priorities. Visit the Montgomery County State Delegation webpage Calendar for more information.