WDC President's Message | July 2019

Welcome to this week’s Update from the Women’s Democratic Club!

I am Diana Conway, and I am honored to be your president for the next two years to pursue WDC’s goals:  electing Democrats and promoting our shared Democratic agenda.  

As is often said, America’s diversity is her strength. I ask you to join me and our Board, to make WDC stronger through diversity—a personal priority of mine. This will mean reaching more people who will bring geographic, age, racial and socioeconomic diversity. It means expanding our network, coordinating with other transformative organizations, building community with them, and working together to amplify our collective voice. 

WDC will do this by keeping you informed, engaged and active. All this work will be led by our new and returning Board members.  These intrepid women generate ways to pitch in that work for you. Learn about our work here and volunteer for a committee here.

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WDC Denounces Anti-LGBTQ Messages

STATEMENT – July 2, 2019

Since Pride Month began on June 1, Councilmember Evan Glass has received more than 300 communications with hateful sentiments about his role in promoting county-wide events celebrating the LGBTQ community.  The Women's Democratic Club of Montgomery County (WDC) denounces these intimidation tactics aimed at Montgomery County's first openly gay council member. WDC recognizes the collective need to maintain vigilance of bullying tactics that target diversity in our community. WDC is proud to stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ community in both celebrating Pride Month and standing up for LGBTQ human rights every day of the year.

WDC is one of the largest and most active Democratic Clubs in our County with more than 600 politically engaged women and men.

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