President's Message | February 2019

Greetings from Peru. Our Overseas Adventure Travel group consists of 13 people. On the first day our guide asked us not to talk politics so that we would all remain on friendly terms. When we introduced ourselves and said what we did, I said I was retired and did some political volunteering. Apparently, my comment inspired one of our fellow travelers (a woman who’s on the Myrtle Beach Democratic Women’s Council) to take an informal survey of the entire group. She reported back that all are Democrats! Even so, there is so much to see and do that politics are not a big part of our conversations. Needless to say, we are all thrilled that Nancy Pelosi held her ground and ended the shutdown without funding the wall.

Although women compose around 30% of Peru’s Parliament, they face major, major problems. Some stem from a long-standing macho tradition, some from stunning economic disparities, and some from deep-seated antipathy toward the indigenous Incan people. Women here could sure use the energy and influence of a Peruvian version of WDC.

Kudos to Membership and Outreach co-chair Enid Light for her brilliant idea to collect donations for Manna Food Center at our January luncheon to assist families affected by the Shutdown, and to our volunteers who helped her pass the hat. Thanks to the generosity of those who attended, we raised nearly $4,000 at the luncheon.

WDC ’s Advocacy Day in Annapolis sessions should be interesting. Be on the lookout for Advocacy Alert notices, and please support our bills. Your calls and emails make a huge difference. Contact Advocacy Chair Ginger Macomber with any questions.

Stay tuned to our social media and weekly updates for information about upcoming events!