The Advocacy Committee advocates for State and County legislation that addresses WDC's Legislative Priorities. Leslie Milano chairs the Advocacy committee.

WDC’s strength resides in its members, and our numbers make us a formidable force for progressive Democratic values. Be part of this mission.

Priority Issue Area Subcommittees

The Committee currently consists of six Priority Issue Area Subcommittees.  An Issues Captain or Co-Captains chair each Priority Issue Area.  If you can commit the time to identify, track, and advocate for specific legislation, please join one of the six WDC issue sub-committees.

  • Affordable Housing | Karissa Miller

  • Aging | JoAnne Koravos

  • Children and Youth | Gael Cheek

  • Criminal Justice and Public Safety | Beth Tomasello

  • Health | Sharon Cranford and Fran Kelleher

  • Working Families | Leslie Milano

Advocacy Alert Team

The Advocacy Committee also maintains an Advocacy Alert email list to notify members about important pending legislation and how to advocate for its passage.  Join WDC's Advocacy Alert Team. The more members who take action, the more effective WDC will be in its advocacy efforts.

2018 WDC Annapolis Day |  Photos by Audrey Rothstein Photography

The Committee organizes an annual Advocacy Day when WDC members can observe the legislature in action, learn about the legislative process, meet with Montgomery County State legislatures, and advocate for WDC's legislative priorities.  

Recent Legislative Accomplishments

Advocacy Organizations

Find other advocacy organizations. Click here to find a list of these organizations. Visit a group’s webpage to learn more about its work.

What You Can Do

Advocate for WDC’s Priorities
Are you interested in getting more involved with our WDC Advocacy efforts? Do you have some time to research and take the lead on specific legislation? Our Advocacy Committee needs you! Our advocacy work is limited by the number of our members. Please Contact Leslie Milano, Advocacy Committee Chair ( if you are interested.

Sign up to be part of WDC’s Advocacy Alert Team. The more members who take action by phoning or emailing a legislator, the more effective WDC will be in its advocacy efforts. Specific information is provided in each Advocacy Alert. Click here to sign up!