What is the Maryland Democratic Party's Seniors Diversity Leadership Council?

Years ago the national Democratic Party decided it should focus on specific voter groups, such as African Americans, veterans, and others -- including seniors. State Democratic parties agreed and the result is groups such as the Maryland Democratic Party's Seniors Diversity Leadership Council (Seniors DLC).

Kathleen Matthews, the new and terrific head of the Maryland Democratic Party, asked my wife and me to be the Director and Deputy Director of the Seniors DLC. Our job is communication, communication, communication. We will publicize all the reasons why seniors in Maryland should vote for Democrats: save Social Security that is threatened by Republicans; the same with Medicare; the same with health care, the environment, gun safety, and all the things seniors care about for themselves and their children and grandchildren.

We have started to contact all Democratic Clubs in over-55 communities and we will help start new ones. We have a newsletter to get out facts, not the lies of Trump, Ryan, McConnell, and Hogan. Anyone who would like to get our newsletter can send me an email at besselpaulm@comcast.net or visit my website paulbessel.com.

Our goal is to convince every senior in Maryland that the best way to protect themselves, their families, and their country, is to vote Democratic. Democrats are the only ones who will vote for the things seniors need and care about. It's urgent. Join us!