General Policy and Procedures for WDC Legislative Endorsements

Approved January 17, 2018

The WDC Board shall approve Legislative Priority Issue Areas. The criteria for selecting these areas are:

  • The issue is directly relevant to women and their families
  • WDC has the organizational energy and capacity to advocate for this issue
  • There are other Advocacy Groups with which WDC can collaborate
  • There is proposed County or State legislation that addresses the issue
  • At the State level, the legislation is sponsored by a Montgomery County elected representative (preferred)
  • The WDC Advocacy Committee shall have lead responsibility for WDC advocacy with respect to each Legislative Priority Issue Area.

At the October Board meeting, the Advocacy Committee Co-chairs shall present recommendations for the upcoming legislative year for Legislative Priorities that address each Legislative Priority Issue Area.

The WDC Board shall vote to approve or amend these priorities.

After the Maryland Legislature convenes in January, the Advocacy Committee Co-chairs may propose additional priorities for Board approval.

The WDC Board shall authorize the WDC President to endorse or oppose specific legislation that addresses the approved WDC Legislative Priorities.

WDC’s Advocacy Committee shall identify specific County and State legislation that addresses each approved Legislative Priority.

WDC’s Advocacy Committee shall prepare written testimony for the signature of the WDC Board President that endorses or opposes specific legislation. The Committee may also recommend for inclusion in WDC’s testimony, amendments or modifications to the proposed legislation that align with the recommendations of other Advocacy Groups.

The Board President in consultation with the Advocacy Committee Co-chairs may amend or modify the proposed written testimony.

The WDC President shall sign the final written testimony on behalf of the WDC Board. The President may authorize a Board Officer or an Advocacy Committee Co-chair to sign on behalf of the President when the President is unavailable. An electronic signature is acceptable.

Oral testimony may be presented at a Legislative Hearing by the WDC Board President or her designee.

In general, WDC Board approval is not required for testimony that addresses an approved Legislative Priority.

However, if in the judgement of the Advocacy Committee Co-chairs and/or Board President, a specific legislative proposal is controversial, the WDC Board shall be requested to vote on the matter.